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Mephala's Diciple 59 #493680

Race: Breton
Name: Baryctor (Ba-REEK-tor)
Type: Illusion Melee Assassin
Standing Stone: The Serpent (Spider in this case) Stone
Armour: Black Vampire Armour (Full) with the Vampire Hood
Weapon: Ebony Blade
Jewellery: Gold Amethyst Ring (Ring of Khajiit) and Silver Necklace (Obsidian Husk)


Helm Enchant: Fortify Illusion and Fortify Lockpicking
Chest Enchant: Fortify Illusion and Magicka Regen and Resist Poison
Boot Enchant: Fortify Sneak and Muffle
Glove Enchant: Fortify Two-Handed and Fortify Sneak
First Amulet Enchant: Fortify Barter and Fortify Two-Handed
Obsidian Husk Enchant: Fortify Barter and Fortify Sneak
Ring of Khajiit: Fortify Sneak and Fortify Carry Weight


Followers of Peryite, Molag Bal, Mehrunes Dagon and Sheogorath


Thieves Guild ( Can either choose to return the Skeleton Key or leave the questline unfinished)
Dark Brotherhood (He views the Night Mother as another aspect of Mephala)
Civil War (Either side fits)
Dawnguard (Because vampires were created by Molag Bal)
Main Quest
Daedric Quest: Mephala
Daedric Quest: Azura
Daedric Quest: Hermaeus Mora


Baryctor was raised in a prominent High Rock family with an entourage of callous siblings who all seemed to be contending for the coming inheritance. Their parents, Lureau and Vyctoria, were unable to control the situation and Baryctor, being the eldest save one, even feared for his life at times. As he became aware of the futility of his siblings' rivalry and scheming, he became more and more receptive to the old family tutor's urgings to escape the situation and find peace in quieter surroundings. Eventually, the wilderness became more a lonely place than a refuge. Baryctor set out, for the first time in years, looking for a new cause to devote his life to. Staggering from country to country, Baryctor began to feel overwhelmed by the sheer vastness of Tamriel. He found a section of his race within Mournhold in Morrowind. There he began to appreciate what the Dunmer went through on their quest for independence. Guided by three 'good' Daedric Princes, the Dunmer separated themselves from mer to become their personal race. Now they devote worship to the Daedra that helped create them; Mephala, Boethiah and Azura. Baryctor began to feel a particular affinity with Mephala for her act of affection towards the Dunmer, even though he was not one himself. He realised he was devoting more and more time studying her history. She was adept in manipulating the lives of mortals and little did he realise that bit by bit, she was converting him to her worship. After many years of studying various manuscripts and tomes, he realised that he wished to devote his life to Mephala. Since he was still in Mournhold, none shunned him for this decision. Some advised him to seek a guild of Mephala's servants, the Morag Tong. By chance of hearing a whisper of their presence, he ventured from the Dunmer capital to the city of Vivec. Talking to various people within the city, he found a Dunmer by the name of Drelvon Balrelo he heard of a secret passage within the Arena Canton, next to the Canalworks. Scouring the area, Baryctor eventually found under some crates in the Arena storage area, a trapdoor leading into a dark tunnel. Cautiously he climbed down the ladder to find three men waiting for him. One identified himself as Goren Andarys of the Master rank. The second said that he was Dunsalipal Dun-Ahhe. Finally, he was shocked to learn, the final man was Eno Hlaalu, the grandmaster of the Morag Tong. Baryctor was shocked that he was greeted by such honourable members of the guild. The grandmaster of the guild questioned him most profusely about his means and purpose of seeking them out. After this questioning and Barycton had been given time to explain that he was now a follower of Mephala, the guild accepted him as a Blind Thrall, the first rank. Baryctor at first had little skill in stealth or weapons but under the training of the various teachers within the order, he began to develop such techniques. Growing in power, strength and influence within the Morag Tong he eventually grew to the rank of grandmaster, when the old one passed away. Once reaching this esteemed position, Mephala gave him instruction personally for the first time. For his devotion to her, he was given the Ebony Blade and sent to Skyrim to try to reintroduce the Dark Brotherhood back into her web. While there he was also instructed to seek out her allies, Azura and Hermaeus Mora. Finally, he was told to dabble in the civil war raging across Skyrim. Awed by the powerful gift that he had been granted, he immediately marched off to Skyrim to do as his mistress commanded. However, along the border, he was caught and carted off to Helgen to be executed. When Alduin interrupted this morbid procedure he felt curiosity towards the poor beast and wished to find out more about it. But his lady's tasks came first so he performed them dutifully. Mephala once again spoke to him, telling him to seek out the cause of the dragons to resurface once more. She also told him of devotees of Molag Bal in a castle west of Solitude that should be exterminated at all costs. For his faithful and loyal devotion, she granted him another of her artifacts, the Obsidian Husk, said to contain a fragment of her essence. Once these tasks had been completed Baryctor began to wonder at the purpose behind it all. Still, it was unwise to ask the Teacher of the Secret Arts of her intentions before she revealed them. If she revealed them. One last time Mephala revealed herself to him praising profusely for his deeds. In parting, she gave 2 things. 1st a band of Morag Tong were on the island of Solstheim between Skyrim and Morrowind. 2nd was a ring of the purest gold with an amethyst set into the band. It was called the Ring of Khajiit and allowed for muffled feet and quick steps and advice to seek out the nearest Thieve's Guild in Riften. Baryctor was so taken aback by the praise and the gifts that he never saw her vanish into thin air. Now Baryctor roams Skyrim fulfilling his mistress's last commands and perfecting his skills in manipulation, betrayal and the ability to lie. Mephala would be proud.

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