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The Deranged Sailor 49 #493703

Race: Nord
Name: Thronving (Thron-vi-ng)
Type: Conjuration Nightblade
Standing Stone: The Atronach Stone
Armour: Cicero's Boots, Cicero's Clothes, Cicero's Gloves, Cicero's Hat
Weapon: Wabbajack, Blade of Sacrifice
Jewellery: Gold Ring, Gold Necklace


Helm Enchant: Fortify Sneak
Chest Enchant: Fortify Barter, Fortify One-Handed
Gloves Enchant: Double sneak attack with one-handed weapons
Boot Enchant: Muffle
Amulet: Fortify Speech, Fortify Sneak
Ring: Fortify One-handed, Fortify Magicka Regen
Blade of Sacrifice: Fiery Soul Trap, Paralyze

Main Quest
Dark Brotherhood
Civil War (Either Side)
Daedric Quest: Sheogorath
Daedric Quest: Azura (Betray Her)
Daedric Quest: Boethiah

At birth, Arkay selected Throngving for a peculiar life set apart from his kind. Throngving was kidnapped from his parents, Parsifal and Neomi, and raised by a Breton monk in wilderness isolation. When the time had come - Arkay being very pleased with Throngving - Arkay gave him a vivid dream, calling him to take to the road on a strange adventure. At Arkay's behest, Throngving left the kindly monk behind in the wilderness to strike off by himself and forge a new path through Tamriel's thriving cities and desolate wastes.

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