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Herald Of Twilight (REDO) 53 #493966

Race: Nord, Dark Elf, or Orc

Sex: Preferably female

Class: Spellsword/Barbarian

Stat Layout per 6 levels:
Health: 3
Magicka: 2
Stamina: 1

Note: This build is built around the daedric artifacts, the Ebony Mail and the Ebony Blade. Given the odd nature of the Ebony Blade in base version, the perks I have listed here may not work if you don't have the Unofficial Skyrim Patch. This would be the case with the version of the game I have, being the Xbox 360 version of Legendary Edition. Keep in mind, you may have to train in One-Handed and spend perk points in that tree and enchant your armor with One-Handed buffs in order to get the most use of the Ebony Blade, despite the fact that using it raises the Two-handed skill and benefits from the Two-Handed skill.

Shouts to use: Frost Breath, Ice Form, Disarm, Dismay, Dragon Aspect, Soul Tear, Drain Vitality, Marked for Death

Spells to look out for: Ice Storm, Blizzard, Close Wounds, Frenzy, Rout, Pacify

Items to look out for: Ebony Mail, Ebony Blade, The Black Star, Miraak, Miraak's Staff, Nightingale Bow, Dwarven Black Bow of Fate, Bloodskal Blade, Masque of Clavicus Vile, Sanguine Rose.

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