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Breton Arcane Archer 168 #494865

The Arcane Archer is a Breton at heart using arcane knowledge of their Mer bloodline to enhance their already great Archery skills.

This Dragonborn need not worry about being disarmed by their foes as they use the Bound Bow as their primary weapon. Although, content with using stronger, more powerful weapons over time, having the Bound Bow as a backup at all times lets you focus on the task at hand and disarming shouts from those pesky Draugr Overlords are a mere inconvenience at worst.

With extensive knowledge gained from growing up on a Daggerfall farmstead learning the ways of Alchemy from your Father and Blacksmithing from your Mother, you can craft anything you need on the go. Armor, weapons, healing potions, or poisons for your enemies, you are ready for anything. You are especially thankful that your Grams insisted on teaching about Enchanting.

These skills have all come in handy now that you are on the hunt for the true murderers of your family. It has been years now since you set off on your journey and you had to learn how to defend yourself as well as feed yourself. A little lockpicking here and some missing food there never hurt anyone. At least that is what you told yourself to avoid the guilt. You learned very quickly how to do all this using just the tools available in your surrounding area. Since a bow in close quarters would be too unwieldy and cramp your style when you are trying to not be seen, most of your trips into the kitchens at the palaces and forts you did not have it. The closest thing you could grab most times was a carving knife or spread knife. Hence how you became skilled to an extent with one-handed items, even dual-wielding them at times if necessary. One never knows when the mark you are pickpocketing is going shift just right and catch you. One must always be prepared.

However, you do prefer to use your years of hunting skills from the shadows if at all possible. Secretly whispering your arrows to be silent as not to be discovered. Almost humorous how they would search for the source just long enough for you to grab a pack full of food and money if you can find it. Even a nice ring or amulet you can sell would do just fine.

Selling the fine baubles that would find their way into your food sack was something else that came to you in time. Just because you are not interested in that sully merchant, doesn't mean they have to know it. Charm goes a long way when one is desperate for funds.

Fast forward about 7 years or so and now you have been nabbed by the Imperial Army while crossing the border into Skyrim. You had heard rumors that might lead you to the murderers you have been searching for all this time. But, now you must decide if the Stormcloak that helped you escape the calamity or the nice Imperial Guard that guided you through the debris is the better one to trust.

First, escape Helgen alive. Second, gear up again. Third, continue your search for the murderers. Only you can decide in what direction to go next.

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