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Breton Arcane Archer 168 #494865

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You know how many times I've said "WHY!?' at your perk list? Hint: too many times. In the lockpick tree you literally wasted perk points on the WORST perks in the game! I mean, seriously? Wax Key!? That may well be the WORST perk in the game! And if you don't invest points into Heavy Armor, WHY invest on the Heavy side of the Smithing tree? And WHY are you even investing ANY points into Pickpocket!?

I GET what you were going for, but I think this is a build that's too ambitious for its own good. If you focus it more on the Bound Bow and remove Illusion and Pickpocket, you'd have a solid build. But for now, I can only give it 1 star.

By Okkusenman on Jan 24, 2020
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