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Geralt Of Rivia 53 #495085

Race: Redguard or Breton
Sex: Male
Class: Spellsword
Spells and shouts: Ash Rune, Unrelenting Force, Become Ethereal, any Ward, any Fire spell, Sun Fire and/or Vampire's Bane, any Calm or Frenzy spell.
Equipment NOTE: Based in lore, you'll be using different swords for different scenarios. A "silver" sword for monsters and a "steel" sword for people. While both of these exist in Skyrim, using these weapon grades may not be the most viable. My fix is using a Skyforge Steel Sword [since it is a steel sword] and a Nordic Sword [since it's made of quicksilver]. Unique items to look out for include Dawnbreaker and the Nightingale Blade. For armor, feel free to use any Light Armor you come across.

NOTE: Despite the fact that Geralt of Rivia doesnt kill dragons, the only reason is because they are not the tyrannical, terrible beasts they are in Skyrim. Though, you may want to keep some reluctance in killing any dragons. As a result, Geralt will not kill Parthurnaax.

NOTE 2: THIS IS A ROLEPLAY BUILD! This build does not have viability in mind, only fun.

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