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The Rising Witch 108 #495537

Legends tell of a strong and mighty warrior, a Dragonborn who strides the line between Dragons and Men, and casts down the mighty Alduin. These are stories told by the Nords, the warrior-poets of Skyrim, and wielders of the mighty Thu'um. But there are other stories, prophecies foretold by your ancestors, witches of the ancient covens of Skyrim's forests. They speak of a woman with two souls, one of mortal witch, and another of mighty immortal dragon. Your sisters have whispered such stories in your ears for years, but never did you expect to be the witch they spoke of. Nay, you fancied yourself a simple herbalist, a woman who aided the sick, the wounded, and the heartbroken. Fate however, had other plans for you.

When the Stormcloaks waged their mighty fight with the Imperials mere miles from your cottage, you dared to stride to the side of your brethren. While you could not bring yourself to slay another, you did aid in the healing and resurrection of more than a few souls. Sadly, your efforts were mistaken for treason to the Empire and Aldmeri, and thus, you were taken for execution. Knocked unconscious, and rendered powerless, you failed to see the path they took into Helgen, far away from your home. This is the path in which destiny has brought you.

Just as your head is laid upon the concrete block, the axe swinging upon your neck, a mighty roar is heard- Alduin, First Borne of Akatosh, End of Worlds. You watch as his black wings unfurl, and all of Helgen is laid to waste. You manage to escape with Ralof, a young idealist and Stormcloak soldier, and venture on to Riverwood. Where shall your path lead from here?


As you venture throughout Skyrim, you will focus mainly on classical witch/mage-related abilities! Your character will take the role of the Rising Witch, the prophesied wielder of magick and Thu'um. As such, your main trees will be as follows.

Destruction- Flames, Firebolt, Fireball | Frost, Icespike, Ice Storm | Sparks, Lightning Bolt, Thunderbolt, Lightning Storm.
Restoration - Healing, Healing Hands, Fast Healing, Grand Healing, Lesser Ward, Steadfast Ward, Greater Ward.
Alteration- Telekinesis, Oakflesh, Stoneflesh, Clairvoyance, Muffle
Conjuration- Any Spectral ally (wolves or Ash Atronach)
Enchanting- Fire Damage, Regenerate Health, Regenerate Magicka, Regenerate Stamina, Fortify Skills, etc.
Alchemy- Potions and Poisons.

Sneak, Speech, and Pickpocket will also be useful, as they will allow you to obtain items needed to complete certain potions and spells, as well as kill your enemies utilizing the poisons you create!

Your character will make the most use out of clothing. Fur Armor. and potentially enchanted Forsworn Armor, including the Armor of the Old Gods. I would suggest the Skaal apparel when you're able to obtain it, just for the Nordic witch aesthetic. Feel free to pick and choose your favored combinations, and add skills as you see fit!

As for Shouts, I would suggest Clear Skies, Call Storm, Unrelenting Force, and Fire Breath, as well as potentially Mark For Death. If you see any others that would make sense for your character's personality or identity, add them on! They are meant to be a powerful, enthralling witch, with many unique talents.

Organizations included would be: College of Winterhold, Thanes, Thieves' Guild, and the Dawnguard.
Stone used: The Lover's Stone
Daedra worshiped/aided: Azura, Nocturnal, Meridia, Mephala, Hircine, Sheogorath, and Peryite.
God for blessing: Mara, Dibella, Kynareth (The Triple Goddess)

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