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Efficient Knight 48 #495665

Extremely simple and efficient build, see:

  • You have smithing, enchanting and alchemy to engineer the best pieces of equipment on top of heavy armor + shield for defense, arc + mace for ranged and melee damage (mace ignoring armor).
  • You can sneak and get nice damage bonuses. For extreme sneak abilities, consider enchanting a 0 armor outfit and tell your follower to get back home.
  • Shield and armor doesn't slow you down thanks to some perks + the Steed stone.
  • Shield provide some magical resistance (+50), this can be improved further with Breton special ability Magical Resistance (+25).

    This build requires level 48, you can spend the extra skill points as you wish in order to get more comfy with some skills (like better weapon moves, improved heavy armor, better sneak abilities, or even a little bit of magic fun)

    You shall focus primarily on weapon & armor modifier skills, or sneak bonuses that directly impact your efficiency. Crafting skills are not to rush, up them progressively, alchemy first to make money with potions, then smithing to craft good equipment, and at the very end enchanting to max out your efficiency in late game.

    Have fun.

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