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Dungeon Delver 60 #495909

A high born Breton with a family steeped in magic is the first born in 1000 years without any innate ability in magic. As a child the dungeon delver was always fascinated with exploring outside the bounds of what others told him. "Your to high in that tree!" "Dont go into the woods without dad, it's too dangerous" and as the dungeon delver got older he/she would push farther and farther away from home until one faithful day he/she slipped while walking a narrow ledge on a mountain and fell into a ravine. Once awoken he/she saw a cave that could provide shelter. The dungeon delver hobbled in and built a small camp. While resting he/she noticed a strange sound coming from further inside the cave. Ignoring all instinct he/she delver further into the cave only to find a rabid starving vampire. The vampire immediately jumped at the dungeon delver and started to claw feverishly at him/her trying to tear away what flesh she could to incapacitate the dungeon delver. While fighting off the vampire the dungeon delver happened to feel a dagger near a pile of skeletons that he/she was knocked into and quickly grabbed the dagger and plunged it into the vampire heart, killing her instantly. Rolling her body off, he/she saw a light in the distance. It was an exit to another side of this ravine. The dungeon delver shuffled out of the cave and wandered through some woods for about an hour until stumbling onto a cobblestone road and a battle of imperials vs stormcloacks. Being mistaken for a stormcloak spy the dungeon delver is attack and knocked unconscious only to awaken in a carriage on their way to who knows where...

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