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Dungeon Delver 60 #495909

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I Would drop the Smithng perks, cut out some of the high tier Alchemy ones, grab some Lockpicking ones esp those that affect loot. Grab Assassins blade, maybe Sneak Roll. Increase his skill base as you will be Lockpicking anyway, i wouldn`t dip into Pickpocket as a dungeon delver in my mind sucks at lifting valuables off people. Most dungeon delvers also tend to be good with the bow, but not perfect. I`d cut some high tier Archery skills as well as the 5/5 in Overdraw. Maybe you can make a exception to the jack of all trades master of none by explaining his reliance on blades such as swords and daggers having him grab Blademaster and Armsman 5/5. For factions, he`d avoid the Civil War. Maybe joining the Companions as he is more Warrior than Thief. He would definitely join the Dawnguard. Onl after he sees Harkon dead will he go kill Miraak.

By Rothos on Feb 25, 2020
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