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Vagabond Of Redoran 65 #496530

The Dunmer Akiara uses destruction magic, focusing on leaving ashen corpses that cannot be raised, and falls back on his enchanted swords when necessary. His previous duty was enchanting the weapons of soldiers and others who fight for the cause of his house. As such, he is very skilled in employing the tools of his trade to devastating effect. Aside from the school of Illusion, and the arts of raising the dead, his magical abilities are potent enough to handle any foe.

Which may have led him to where he is, now, after fleeing the guard from his home in Solstheim... After escaping execution thanks to a timely dragon attack, Akiara still refuses to discuss his past with anyone.

He will join, and likely one day lead the college of Winterhold as Archmage. If encountering the Companions, he will become a member just to stay in training and for the odd bit of excitement. He will likely never encounter the thieves guild, and mock their pettiness if he does. The Dawnguard will hold appeal, as executing more undead is something he never seems to tire of. The Dark Brotherhood, well, given the past he never hints further at, that will be an open question...

Stat spread 50/30/20.

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