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Nosferatu Larcenist 65 #496533

This vampiric larcenist was found sleeping in a Skyrim farmer’s home due to having pilfered a bit too long and getting caught not having enough time to get back to his own coffin before sunrise. It seemed safe enough, the couple having been killed and hidden upstairs, stuffed into a closet, and the daytime travel leaves one so very vulnerable...

As luck would have it, their son, a soldier on leave, decided to visit and, not yet knowing what became of his parents, merely had him arrested for trespassing, believing the quick-witted vampire’s well spun tale of fleeing from highwaymen and simply being so exhausted, he couldn’t help but give in to fatigue.

The larcenist is the most vile type of evil, though one would never know it. He’s a master of deception, both mundane and magical, a master pilferer with an extensive independent criminal empire. The thieves guild of Riften is the only thorn in his side, one he intends to infiltrate and deal with. He will join the companions and the college and use them, as he does every living thing, for his own ends and entertainment. This is his default rule; he has no family still alive, no friends, no morals, and no concern for what happens to anyone else, though he will pretend, for a time, if necessary.

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