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Orsimer Mystic 65 #496543

The mystic left her stronghold out of boredom and an excess of initiative not oft rewarded in her society. While she was a perfectly able herbalist, her other talents, she felt, could be put to much better use striking out on her own, and life being short, she ended up in Skyrim as a mercenary for hire...

She will be very interested in the college and the companions, rising high in both, will fight on the side of the Dawnguard and just generally be roaming around Skyrim doing right by all, so of course no thieves guild or dark brotherhood. The war is a coin toss unless something happens to her to make her favor one side or the other.

Stats should be spread 40/30/30. Work on leveling enchantment early and create your own clothing/weapon sets for situational use, relying on the summoned axe when convenient, and don’t neglect your racial on strong warrior opponents...

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