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Tenjin, The Scholar 60 #496593

Tenjin is a Breton Mage Apprentice, very studious and shy in demeanor, but very loyal to those he has learned to trust. He enjoys studying magical texts and conducting research to further his knowledge. Herbalism and alchemy are also strong interests, and his knowledge of botany is extensive for one so young.

Tenjin was accosted by stormcloak Nords barely across the border on his way to the college of Winterhold where he was enrolled. They said a Mage answering his description was wanted on some nebulous charges. While asking if it was likely that a wanted man would set up such a tent as his, make a big fire pit, and start cooking a gourmet meal despite his surroundings, the Nord grunts just shrugged and bound him anyway, ‘The general will decide.’

That’s one of his characteristics, he likes to be comfortable at all times while practicing his arts or just relaxing. After this is all dealt with, for the general must surely listen to reason, it’s back to his studies, at Winterhold, he thinks.

While there, he will assist Brelyna Maryon when she asks, becoming immediately smitten with her exotic nature and keen intellect. He will pursue and marry her, and she will thenceforth be his permanent companion, having only one real point of disagreement. Tenjin practices necromancy, and she is against that, but as he will explain to her, he’s accepted a lot of her beliefs, but she’ll need to compromise with him; he’ll never ask her to raise a corpse, and he’ll abstain from doing so to any slain dark elf enemies, but if necessary in a combat scenario, he will use necromancy. She will grudgingly accept this for the greater good, and all will be well.

He’s far too lazy to consider joining any of the other groups, except maybe the Dawnguard, which because of his wife’s religious beliefs, he will side with against the vampires. She may convince him to aid the empire and restore order to Skyrim, against the Nords that clearly hate her people...

For gameplay, stock Brelyna with the game potions, since NPCs won’t use player made ones, so make a bunch for yourself and give her all the standard ones. My aim is terrible with staves, and the NPC’s are very good, plus half the time I forget I have them, so load her up on staves and keep them recharged. If she’s ever in a risky spot and down, hit her with an ash shell to prevent all incoming damage.

Used correctly, she’s quite powerful, even capped at lvl 30, and will save you numerous times. Having a married follower means you can rest anywhere, not just at your home, and still get all the bonuses...

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