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Arcane Archer 60 #497231

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emoticon You just wasted all those points. Hinh anh sui mao ga giai doan dau

By tungchua on Aug 6, 2020
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You know, there are more constructive ways to critique a build...

I have to strongly disagree with your opinion on Illusion. Illusion can be quite useful at wildly varying degrees of mastery. It really depends on what you want out of your character. That being said however, its difficult to gauge how well or how poorly he's allocated his perks without an explanation as to how they're used.

The lack of those three perks (rage/aspect of fear/hypnotic gaze) suggests he intends to use Illusions for more defensive purposes. If that's the case then I'd suggest cutting out Master of the Mind as you likely wont be casting offensive illusions.

Also, as an arcane archer, I feel heavier emphasis should be placed on archery perks. The heavy investment in lock picking is better reallocated to archery. As it stands the build would hardly be doing enough damage with archery to justify calling it an arcane archer. At this point its more of a thief build with a healthy dash of magical talent.

By CurseNeverDying on May 31, 2020
#7786 Reply
I'm with him^^. Please don't listen to the fools Who say you wasted your points. Especially since I'm guess this is a stealth archer with bound bow. It is actually a good use to have illusion. as it keep's you hidden when you summon your bow. the archery skill does need a bit of a upgrade in stats as well as your light armor and you to get the shadow warrior perk at the end of the stealth tree. But yeah other than that really good premise and build!!

By Blademaster2019 on Sep 21, 2020
#7809 Reply
This is one hell of a mess. All those points wasted in illusion. But you skip the three perks that empower your spells... You could just kill them.

Illusion is only useful if you max it, use it as both offense and defense. You just wasted all those points. The whole build is a mess...

By Tormin on May 24, 2020
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