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Worm King's Agent 37 #497529

Worm King's Agent

In a world where men seek to hide history and truth, a magician, inventor, and idealist, seek to unravel it and give knowledge unto the people.


AVAILABLE RACES> Breton, imperial, redguard, dunmer
STATS> 440 Health, 260 Mana, 100 Stamina
ROLEPLAY> Sorcerer
ARMOR TYPE> Light Armor ( elven, glass )
WEAPON TYPE> Bound Sword, dagger or simple sword weapon ( up to elven quality )
STONES> Ritual (reanimates)
SHOUTS> Aura Whisper, Become Ethereal
BLESSINGS> Julianos, Arkay
SKILLS / KEY ABILITES> Summon Daedra, Wards, Summon Weapon
ENCHANTMENTS/ ACCESORIES> Fortify Magicka (Helmet), Resist Magic (Necklace), Fortify Restoration (Ring), Fortify Conjure ( Armor)
FACTIONS> Mage's, Greybeards

- Weapon on right, Spells on left hand like dual wield
- Default stance is ward or healing on left hand, bound weapon on right hand
- Sorcerers doesn't regenerate magicka so its important to use wards for regaining spent magicka
- Skill level 37 because, only sorcerer related perks selected much as possible, but this character level reaches to beyond 50 level that unlocks all enemies

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