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Worm King's Agent 37 #497529

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Thanks for suggestions rothos, explaining of every details are very hard but simply answers of your questions are,
As you can noticed this sorcerer use weapon and armor (some of them use staff or dual caster, some of them use robes..etc)
yes mage armor will be use, if i would wear a robe gladly use mage armor, but wards looks better choice for armor wearers, because while using benefits of armor when in melee fights, wards gives replenish magicka and armor defense improving against most enemies
if you want to improve resistances you can do resistance enchants whenever want it, you dont need to wait skill up for alteration magic resistances, that will be good for other races too
there are many things to write but actually its about the overall structure and hard to explain it, anyway its free to choice you can add or remove any skill how you desire
best regards..

By clawshaper on Apr 16, 2020
#7767 Reply
Why wards? Ward Absorb is high in the Restoration tree, and they quite frankly are below par. Why not Flesh spells, with Magic Resist and Mage Armor perks. For the bound weapon you may want Oblivion Binding and to enhance the undead reanimated by the Ritual Stone, some perks that impact Raised Creatures. If you can get your Restoration below 60% casting cost go for wards. Then grab Necromage and then Ward Absorb.
I'd recommend a Breton, as A) you have spell resistance and B) you can summon a familiar in Helgen to start building up your mystical muscle.

By Rothos on Apr 16, 2020
#7766 Reply