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Jorimund Rockbreaker 38 #498273

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This whole build is a mess. You have points in both heavy and light armor, and have wasted 3 points in the worst school to dabble in. Illusion is all or go home. The three points you wasted will only affect enemies you could have killed outright.

How you got updates to 4.5 is beyond me. I give you 1.

By Tormin on May 24, 2020
#7774 Reply
I have points in heavy for fists of steel light because dragon scale armor makes more sense than dragon bone because dragons have scales for defense not bones and the three points I have in illusion are for aspect of terror which increases fire damage. Have I answered all your questions to your satisfactionw

By Jawbreaker0602 on May 27, 2020
#7784 Reply
Lol. I guess I deserved that. Was having a bad day and so many crappy builds. Yours is the one I chose to hit with my own opinion of what a toon should be. I apologize.

By Tormin on Jun 7, 2020
#7791 Reply