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Nobuyuki, The Tactician 65 #498889

Nobuyuki is a slightly built Breton that learned to win not by dint of weapon, but keenness of mind; he can't stand the sight of blood, much less have the physical means to bring about that result.

Instead, he trained in illusion magics, both to control everyone's perceptions of him, hide from them, and when necessary, provoke them into rage, which causes all control to leave them. He has trained in the arts of stealth, and several magical disciplines, though for some reason he cannot completely understand, prefers a mundane defense in the unlikely event that he's ever successfully hit, which he avoids at all costs.

Nobuyuki will open combat with illusion magic, making the enemy decimate themselves. He is slightly familiar with conjuration, and will summon something, briefly, for the survivor to fight. If even that fails, he will resort to his own skills in destruction magic, directly, but from afar, never committing himself, but maintaining magical reserves sufficient to vanish from combat.

'Power, without direction, is useless,' is his mantra. He will tactically wear down any foe, in a long battle of attrition, if necessary, and he has the skills to do it.

Nobuyuki will join the college of Winterhold, and the thieves guild, as these are both capable of aiding him in life development. Everything else he will take only part way, ignoring when such organizations no longer have anything to teach him...

Stat spread is 70/30/0. Making money with alchemy needs to be balanced with health regeneration, health restoration, and magicka restoration needs. You won't need a lot of money with this build, anyway. The hearthfire plots should be used for mostly beneficial restoration and resistance effects, and a few paralysis poisions for sale purposes. Most of the game in the early stages will be in thieves guild armor, which is perfectly adequate until around 50, by which time you will be the guildmaster and have an upgrade.

You'll need to use all the trainers and upgrade many skills to 50, even if you don't dump perks in those skills. You want to keep most things within level limits of your frenzy spell, so going past 65 is not recommended...

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