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Gideon MTG 49 #499574

Being the avid, well-rounded nerd I am, I decided to try and translate the [Planeswalkers]( from the universe(s) of Magic: the Gathering to the world of Skyrim. This is my first Skyrim build, so please leave thoughts, advice, and constructive criticism. I’ll work my way through the main five and possibly more if this is well received.

Gideon Jura
Alignment: LG
Race: Breton, for the looks and the magic resistance
Stone: The Lover Stone, at first. Once you are a high enough level, choose between the Lady or Lord Stones depending on your playstyle.
Skills: Alteration, Block, Heavy Armor, Illusion, One-Handed, Restoration.
Stat Spread: 1/2/1. This spread struck a good balance between stamina and magicka, and was more than capable to tank quite than a few hits. I stopped leveling stamina once I reached 200, although that’s up to you.
Shouts: Battle Fury, Become Ethereal, Bend Will, Disarm, Dragon Aspect, Ice Form, Slow Time, Unrelenting Force.
Equipment: Gideon’s armor looks most like Imperial Heavy Armor, so if you’re fine with not having the best armor but looking more like the planeswalker, grab this as soon as possible. Otherwise, don a full set of Steel Armor at first. Once you can grab a full set, dwarven armor, and, after that, steel plate armor. As for weapons, I chose to focus on blades as they seemed the most knightly (and there are a lot more end-game knes) and there isn't any kind of equivalent for his sural in Skyrim. Dragonbane can fill in for the (M:tG) Blackblade against dragons and, to a lesser extent, wizards, and the Pale Blade is good at draining stamina and crowd control. The Mace of Molag Bal is immensely powerful and very good at preventing all kinds of enemies from doing anything, but its acquisition is completely unflavorful, so I left it out. Endgame, your loadout should look like this:
Head: **Gideon’s Helm**: A (knightly) helmet of your choice, enchanted to Fortify whichever magic school you find yourself using the most. Note: Gideon does not wear a helmet on any of his cards that I could find, but it’s important to a lot of heavy armor perks so I chose to include it. Feel free not to equip one.
Chest: **Gideon’s Armor**: A (knightly) armor of your choice, enchanted with Fortify Heavy Armor.
Arms: **Gideon’s Gauntlets**: A (knightly) set of gauntlets of your choice, enchanted with Fortify Block.
Feet: **Gideon’s Boots**: A (knightly) set of knightly boots of your choice, enchanted with Fortify One-Handed.
Shield: **Spellbreaker**
Sword: **Dragonbane** or **The Pale Blade** depending on the situation
Amulet: **The Gauldur Amulet**
Ring: **Gideon’s Rings**: One of several rings enchanted with either Fortify Alteration, Fortify Illusion, of Fortify Restoration.
Quests: Gideon is a righteous defender of the innocent, and will thus follow the main questline to its end. Along the way, he will join the Companions (but never turn into a werewolf and eventually be cured) and the College of Winterhold. He will join the Dawnguard in the fight against unholy vampires. After this, he will restore order to Skyrim by fighting in the Imperial Legion. After hearing rumors of a powerful entity in Solstheim, he will travel there and confront Miraak, activating his planeswalker spark once again and allowing him to leave Skyrim if he chooses. Other than that, he will respond to any “good” sidequests, such as Blood on the Ice, or even small favors for people, such as the miscellaneous objective “bring fire salts to Arcadia.”
Gameplay/Roleplay: Gideon is a master of Hieromancy, or law magic, which is all about locking down enemies and protecting yourself. He can create an aura around himself that protects him from all harm, represented by his use of flesh spells, wards, and Spellbreaker. He also prevents enemies from doing anything with paralysis and pacify spells. His great leadership ability is represented through courage spells cast on his chosen companion (I went with Brelyna Maryon as a mashup of Jace and Chandra). Once his protective spells have been cast, Gideon will wade into melee combat and soak up large amounts of damage. I avoided killing as much as possible, but didn’t hesitate to kill bandits and other enemies you can't persuade. For his backstory, I decided that this would be set after his spark ignited for the first time and he planeswalked to Tamriel instead of Bant. He could planeswalk away until he had saved the world from all the evils that currently plagued it, culminating in him defeating Miraak and then going to Alara.

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