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Death Knight 91 #499626

Nord, Lord Stone

Stat spread:

3/5/2 M/H/S until you reach 250/350/200 (lv 51), then switch to 1/1/0.


Most enemies can be killed just by spamming your Destruction spells: use Ice Storm as your default, Icy Spear for dragons, and Fireball for vampires. If there are too many enemies to deal with this way, conjure two Wrathmen, then hang back to support them with the same general tactics you use while fighting solo. Whenever you start to run low on magica, draw your weapon and just go to town. Finally, Paralysis can be used as a desperation play, but because you don't have any Alteration cost reduction gear, it'll eat up a ton of magica.


Daedric Helmet (Fortify Conjuration, Fortify Restoration)
Daedric Armor (Fortify Destruction, Fortify Conjuration)
Daedric Gauntlets (Fortify Two-Handed, Fortify Magica)
Daedric Boots (Fortify Two-Handed, Resist Fire)
Bonehawk Amulet (Fortify Conjuration, Fortify Restoration)
Gold Diamond Ring (Fortify Destruction, Fortify Conjuration)
Daedric Battleaxe (Absorb Health, Absorb Stamina)


- Ice Storm
- Icy Spear
- Fireball
- Conjure Wrathman
- Summon Arvak
- Close Wounds/Grand Healing
- Paralysis


- Disarm
- Dismay
- Drain Vitality
- Marked for Death
- Slow Time
- Soul Tear
- Summon Durnehviir

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