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Warrior Of Morwha 23 #499833

Okkusenman here, back from the dead to bring you his latest build! Do you love Redguards? Do you love the Alik'r? Do you hate wearing armor? Do you emphasize family? Then this is the build for you! I give you The Warrior of Morwha!

The Warrior of Morwha is a swift, armorless warrior that goes in, gets the kill, and gets out. With his trusty scimitar in hand, he is as close to invincible as one can get in Skyrim; of course, that's not even close to saying he's invincible. But with his Restoration spells, killing him will be EXTRA difficult!


The Warrior of Morwha is SWIFT. He is constantly on the move in battle, never standing still; that can, after all, get him killed. He uses his power attacks and One Handed bashes to stagger his enemies, then he swiftly strikes them with his blade to down them. Outnumbered? Outmaneuver! The Warrior of Morwha practically DANCES on the battlefield!

But wait, is he wounded? One Restoration spell or two, and he's good to go! Watch your enemies fall and tremble to the might of the Warrior of Morwha!


The WoM uses ONE sword in combat, and that's it. He'll wear unenchanted Alik'r clothing; he won't be needing any enchantments. Besides, enchantment goes against the Redguard way, and the Yokudan religion.

We use Restoration, and we justify this as being Morwha's blessing. Morwha is the Yokudan version of Mara, who is strongly associated with the school of Restoration. Arkay, another facet of Morwha, likewise has connections to Restoration.

An Amulet of Mara is a MUST on this warrior, and Arkay's Blessing is also a major boon.


Raised on the shores of Sentinel, the boy who'd grow to become the Warrior of Morwha was a typical Redguard. His mother was a smith, and his father was an Alik'r warrior. The boy was taught swordsmanship by his father, and the basics of forging steel by his mother. All in all, he was a happy lad.

When he came of age, it was time for him to wed. His parents long encouraged him to find a good spouse, but alas, there was no one in all Hammerfell that excited him. In truth, he considered a life as sellsword or a sailor...

Until one night, when in a dream, he saw Morwha, favored wife of the Tall Papa. Morwha held the man in her four arms, and she said unto him "Take your blade to a troubled land far to the east. There you will meet the one for you; you shall have a home, a lover, and children who will adore you."

Excited, he packed his bags and traveled eastward. He believed Morwha spoke of Cyrodiil; he searched high and low, but could not find his love. That is when he heard of the trouble in Skyrim.

"The Stormcloaks are tearing Skyrim apart," he heard an Imperial say. "Likewise the Thalmor roam the land, taking Talos worshipers, doing who knows WHAT to them!"

He finally understood where he needed to go. He crossed the border to Skyrim, but as he was no citizen of the Empire, he was quickly caught and assumed to be with the Stormcloaks. He was beaten, chained, and put on a carriage to Helgen.

But even as he faced his execution, the man smiled, for he knew Morwha would not lead him stray. With absolute faith, he walked towards what should have been his impending death...

Morwha does not abandon her warriors...

Stones and Stats:

We go 0/2/1 for Magicka, Health, and Stamina. The Warrior doesn't need any extra Magicka thanks to the Atronach Stone.

For stones, we start off with the Warrior Stone to get our One Handed skill up nice and early. By Level 5, we switch it to the Lady Stone for the extra Stamina restoration, and by around Level 15 we stick to the Atronach Stone for the extra Magicka and defense against Spells.


The Companions and the College are both excellent factions for the WoM to join. The Thieve's Guild is iffy at best, and the Dark Brotherhood is strictly a no-no.

As far as the Civil War goes, the WoM will be neutral, but leaning more towards the Stormcloaks. Hammerfell fended off the Thalmor and sent them packing; as far as the WoM is concerned, the Imperials lost because they wanted to lose.


A little ways east of of the Wreck of the Brinehammer is a turned over lifeboat with a scimitar. Get it ASAP; scimitars are CRAZY strong in the early levels because they're as strong as Elven weapons, but are upgraded with the Steel Smithing perk.

Vegetable Soup is pretty much a MUST for the WoM, especially if you've replaced the Lady Stone for the Atronach. Staggering enemies is how you beat them!

Wanna level up Restoration super quick? When facing swinging blades in places like Bleakfalls Barrow, let yourself get hit thrice to four times, then back off and heal. Wait for the Magicka to replenish, then rinse and repeat.

And that's the WoM! Have fun with it!

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