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The Last Dragonborn 60 #499869

This build draws from the Dragonborn showcased in Bethesda official media. This will therefore include trailers, artwork, game covers and also endorsed statues. Please look at the attached media.

Play as the iconic Dovahkiin as envisioned by Bethesda. A powerful warrior with the equipment and skills required for any trying endeavour.

Level 60
Age - Late 20's - Mid 30's
Sex - Male though female is possible due to Legends.
Race - Nord
Face - Default
Eyes - Light Blue
Skin - White
Hair - Default
Hair Colour - Dark Brown
Beard - Light stubble (for Male)

Build - Muscular
Standing Stone - The Lord
Blessing - Talos
Mediation - Fus
Racial power - Battle Cry, exceptionally useful for crowd control.

Stats (59 points)
Health 20
Magicka 10
Stamina. 29

Personality - In the Live-action Trailer, the Dragonborn approaches a city under attack by a fire-breathing dragon as they see the citizens flee in terror. His eyes initially skyward, presumably tracing the dragon's flight, the Dragonborn shifts his gaze to his right fist where upon so he clenches his fist in anger. He then moves into the city's heart to face the dragon in single combat.
Fearless, Resolute and angered by dragons and/or by the potential harm to the population.

Playstyle - The Dragonborn builds and improves upon his iconic gear with extensive training in smithing and enchantments rendering replacement gear unnecessary. Also to his advantage is the capacity to attack at any range and make efficient use of his Dragon Shouts. He also has the ability to sneak to survey his surroundings to gather information and decide the optimal location to begin his attack from stealth when heavily outnumbered. Though he prefers open combat. In player - npc interactions, his status as the Dragonborn makes women more attracted to him, guards more likely to look the other way with a bit of coin and all around more persuasive and intimidating due to his power and legendary status.

Difficulty - I play on Adept which provides a fair damage ratio (1.1) if doing an unmodded playthrough or use a difficulty Mod on legendary that increases damage dealt to equal damage received at that level.

Mods: If using the modded Legendary also find a increased levelling rate mod to compensate for the less time in combat.
I also utilise survival mode and some mods to make combat harder/more realistic. A torch, some hot food and a Nord ancestry will suffice to weather the cold.


Head - iron Helmet (Fortify Magicka Regen + Fortify Destruction)
Body - Studded Cuirass (Fortify Health + Fortify Healing rate)
Arms - Iron Gauntlets (Fortify Block + Fortify One Handed)
Legs - Iron Boots (Fortify Stamina + Stamina Regen)

Neck - Amulet of Talos (increase effectiveness of shouting + thalmor hostile to you)
Ring - Silver Ring (Fortify Archery + Fortify Smithing)

Weapon Set 1 - Standard
RH - Skyforged Steel Sword
LH - Iron banded Shield (Resist Fire + Resist Ice)

His standard equipment enable him to readily deal with warriors, mages or archers due to powerful one handed attacks and a solid defence while approaching to close range provided by enchantments and his investment in blocking and armour perks.

Weapon Set 2 - Official Art
RH - Skyforge steel dagger (Shock Damage + Absorb Stamina) Stormblade moniker.
LH - Skyforge Steel Sword

If required to deal damage in the close range very quickly with little care for defence, his weapon set 2 is ideal due to his investment in the one handed tree which makes him deal a lot of damage in a short span of time. He debilitates his foe by damaging their health, magicka and stamina with each combo. Drain stam will help maintain the onslaught.

Weapon Set 3 - Dawnguard Cover

RH/LH - Auriel's Bow (hunter’s bow before this)
Arrows - Elven arrows; Sun-hallowed, Bloodcursed Elven Arrows

Weapon set 3 makes him a powerful threat at range whilst being especially deadly to Vampires due to the innate sun damage. Whilst the two Dawnguard arrows have special effects when fired into the sun which a clever Dragonborn may use to gain tactical advantages.

Weapon Set 4 - Endorsed Statue with fireball + one wearing Morokei suggests a Dragonborn who utilises spells.
RH - Skyforge Steel Sword
LH - Fire Magic

Spell List
Fire rune
Flame Cloak

Weapon Set 4 is a set where the dragonborn may make use of his magicka with a variety of useful fire spells before switching to one of the above sets to allow his magicka to restore itself.

Other spells
Healing (you start with this and this will help to keep your health topped up in-between battles)

Recommended Shouts
Unrelenting Force - Dragonborn Force (Bread and Butter crowd control against non-large enemies)
Dragon Aspect (Save life once a day shout)
Dragonrend (Against Dragons)
Slow Time (Useful in any situation)
Call Dragon (Dragon ally)
Whirlwind Sprint (Useful to advance or retreat quickly)

The below are my own preferences in what makes sense for this Dragonborn. Any player can choose to role play in any way they wish.

Preferred Companion

Serana canonically joins the Dragonborn. She is a good choice due for lore and the clear progression in her relationship with the Last Draginborn as comrades. Her power as a mage complements the Last Dragonborn's warrior fighting style.

Preferred HouseCarl

Lydia as she canonically joins the Dragonborn.

Preferred martial life.

Married and adopted kids for bonuses to healing and levelling.

Preferred Quests (Spoilers)

Do any sidequest but the Dragonborn seems noble and fearless in battle.
Companions - Complete and cure Lycanthropy
Mage's College - Can partake to get Morokei.
Thieves Guild - Do not partake.
Dark Brotherhood - Destroy it
Civil War - Stormcloaks. An escaped prisoner who joins an once defeated Rebel Leader to successfully reclaim their homeland by defeating the Empire that had once tried to execute them is the more traditional epic Saga. Even if by doing so they strengthen the Thalmor, their intentions are clearly to weaken the main antagonistic force in the 4th Era.
Main Quest - Complete it.
Blades - Kill parthurmax (even if I have mixed feelings).
Dawnguard - Complete it. Become a Vampire Lord. Ambiguous whether he is cured and joins the Dawnguard or remains with the Clan. I lean towards the former.
Dragonborn - Complete and choose Dragonborn Force

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