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Orismer Smith 116 #500323

Essentially, this character plays most quests as an orcish tank, however, the perks will build towards, not only a warrior, but a craftsman and merchant with focus on Smithing and Speech.

In terms of roleplay, she acts as a warrior primarily to promote her business, so keep that in mind when questing: the goal is to increase her glory and notoriety so that her weapons and armor will be more in demand. She will most likely become thane in as many holds as she can and gain status among the Companions and the Dawnguard (she may also join the Bards to help spread stories about her great deeds and gain more Speech skill). She's not likely to align with disreputable types like thieves and assassins and will likely take steps to destroy them (if she can without metagaming). You can also play it as someone who is interested in collecting unique items of armor and weaponry - to decorate her shops with!

Yes, I said shops! Use Hearthfire to build multiple locations across Skyrim and use stewards to run them as businesses.

She gathers her materials in the wild, so prepare to spend time mining (you can equip a pickaxe and attack ore veins for faster mining) and smelting. If you're playing a more neutral character and decide to add a little stealth to your build, she might develop a bad habit of stealing any ingots she sees lying around. Any followers she will kit out in full sets of her best crafted armor - essentially fashion models that fight for her. Also, secretly, she is almost enjoying the civil war - she really doesn't care about the conflict among humans, and she's making bank forging goods to sell in both Imperial and Stormcloak camps.

While she doesn't do much magic casting (I over-added perks into Restoration that could be used at high level instead of potions), she will be enchanting her forged goods, so invest in Enchanting perks as well and be sure to gather and charge soul gems (she may be interested in acquiring Azura's Star). She also does a lot of crafting in general, so perks to improve Alchemy can also be good - all the better to make potions to improve smithing skill.

As for roleplaying her culture, I would play her thus: though she chose not to live life confined to an Orismer stronghold, she still has respect for other Orismer and their culture (of course she's also happy to help her fellow smiths in Markarth). For deities, she has nothing against Malacath and "good" daedra, but she probably would not align with anything like Molag Bal, no matter how tempting his mace (tho it starts out as a rusty mace, so she could be put off just by that - why has this poor weapon been neglected so!). As a smith, she values trade and commerce, so she can pray to Dibella (for Speech, my preferred) and Zenithar, but also Kynareth when she's out adventuring. She also takes the blessing of the Lover Stone as her skills are mixed as both a craftsperson and a warrior.

While you can play this as male or female, traditionally smiths in Orismer culture are female - however, she left orc society to travel around, so it's a non-traditional roleplay anyway.

This is pretty playable in vanilla with DLCs, I think, but adding mods means you can have smithing equipment with you at all times, especially in early playthrough before building houses, roleplaying as a traveling smith, and look for mods where you can convert purchasable houses into shops. I also found a mod that allows you to open a market stall and sell things to NPCs. It's also handy to have something to increase your carrying capacity (I have a backpack mod that I could not find, so I added a similar one): she's not going to waste her money buying ingots for her work. Nirn provides for her, and she will carry two improved pickaxes at all times for attacking ore veins. (A note on the traveling smith idea: I tried out a mod that is a "gypsy" cart. Concept-wise, it was great! She's not a magic user, so conjurable smithing tools doesn't play quite right. However, the cart mechanics of the mod made it unplayable. Maybe just because my PC isn't designed for gaming.) You may also want to add a mod where she is already a member of the orc faction, but I didn't set mine up that way and she plays just fine. You can also add mods to help speed up smelting and stuff like that if you have the space and don't want to take too much playtime with the crafting process, and I think I've also seen mods for melting down cheap loot into ingots - you could always just improve them before selling though.

More Mod Notes: so it looks like skyrimcalculator doesn't show my mod listing (maybe it's a firefox bug I dunno) anyway, here's what I've used with my play:
Your Market Stall - You'll need to read the directions and fiddle with it a little bit to get the hang of it. I will say, it is designed to sell everything, down to candlesticks and bowls, so if you just have weapons and armor out, you won't necessarily make sales.
Breezehome player owned store
The Drunken Dragon player owned store
(I also found a mod that sets up your spouse with an actual market stall in the town where they live, but I think it was mostly cosmetic, so I don't use it.)
Portable Campsite (If you want to give Gypsy Eyes Caravan a try, feel free, I love the layout of the caravan, but actually driving it f**ked it up in my game. Plus, the poor horse can be frustrating to deal with if a fight comes up.)
Leather Backpack (i think i have an earlier version, the one I use just crafts one kind of black bag that increases carry capacity. The version I found on Nexus today has multiple styles and you have to select one with a premade enchantment for different amounts of carry capacity) - I also use a conjurable chest, but if you want to avoid all magical effects with this character, you could skip it.
I also picked up a mod that allows you to reforge Mehrunes' Razor - I haven't decided if she's going to complete that quest for the shards yet.
I also use Alternate Start, though I didn't start her in an orc stronghold I don't think, I believed I used vanilla start. Oh, and I also use a mod allowing me as many followers as I want, one that auto-loots bodies, and one to learn all alchemy ingredient powers at once.

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