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Paladin Of Stendarr 62 #500474

(The central aspects of this character build are three mods from the Creation Club: Vigil Enforcer Armor Set, Arcane Accessories, and Chrysamere. If you don't have them or don't want to pay for them, there should be Creation Club Content Replacement mods you can download instead. With that out of the way, on with the build!)

"Pray to Stendarr while you can!" Skyrim's bandits and highwaymen have bellowed such overconfident and menacing blasphemies to many a traveller over the years, and most have only grown bolder since Ulfric's return and the beginning of the war in the north. Now that you have returned, you will show them that Stendarr does not hear the prayers of those who vainly invoke his name.

Born to a witch of the Forsworn and orphaned during the Stormcloaks' reconquering of Markarth, you were taken in by an old Nord soldier whose heart was too kind to let you die as a babe merely for the family you were given. Just as soon as you were old enough to swing a pick, your adoptive parents became ill, and you took up a job working the smelter under Mulush just to bring home enough gold to keep them fed while they died. On the day they finally passed, you decided you'd had enough of Mulush's abuse and took your pay right up to the Silver-blood Inn. As you passed the market by the entrance, you were accosted by an armored Vigilant of Stendarr, and she demanded you tell her which home in the city was being haunted by Daedra, but you knew nothing.
It was right then that Mulush came up behind you, his fist balled up and ready to wallop the back of your head for leaving work without permission. The Vigilant cried for you to look out, to which you turned on your feet and barely caught the orc's fist with your hand, but were not prepared for the back of his other hand to swat you away like a mistreated dog. As he stood over you, ready to strike again, the Vigilant's gauntleted fist rammed into the orc's side, followed by a knee to the face as he doubled over.

Impressed and grateful, you accepted the Enforcer's hand to help you up and immediately asked if she was in town to recruit for the Vigil. While she seemed hesitant, she proposed that if you helped her sort out the haunting, she would take you to Stendarr's Beacon herself. Still knowing nothing, you instead offered to use what little gold you had left to pay for her stay at the inn.
"Good enough," she muttered, and gave you a map of where to go to find where the Vigil make their headquarters in Skyrim.

A decade or two have passed since then, and rumors have circulated among the Vigilants in Cyrodiil of a powerful coven of vampires making a resurgence in Skyrim, and as a Veteran of Stendarr's service, you know it is your duty to protect your homeland from the undead menace.

Standing Stones: Beginning - Lover's Stone. Late Game - Atronach Stone.
Race: Breton
Stat Spread: 50% Health, 25% Magicka/Stamina

- Vigil Veteran Sashed Armor (Fortify Destruction, Fortify Restoration)
- Vigil Veteran Helmet (Fortify Restoration, Fortify Destruction)
- Vigil Veteran Gauntlets (Fortify Two-Handed, Fortify Block)
- Vigil Veteran Boots (Fortify Two-Handed, Resist Fire/Frost/Shock)
{Recommended Jewelry} - Custom Enchanted Ring, Amulet of Stendarr
- Chrysamere
Destruction - Elemental Blast, Mara's Wrath, Unbounded Flames
Restoration - Close Wounds, Circle of Protection, Heal Other, Sun Fire, Stendarr's Aura, Vampire's Bane

This character was designed with the aesthetic of a holy warrior, and has the equipment and skills to match. It is recommended that your Elemental Blast spell only be used whenever there is little to no risk of collateral damage, preferably outside; because it blends the cleansing wrath of flame with the swift precision of lightning, it not only makes for a much more powerful spell than any you'll find in Vanilla Skyrim, but also presents the perfect show of your righteous might and the power of the gods! Use it to open up engagements in spacious environments and switch to your holy blade when enemies close in, or when they are driven back until they are helpless against your magic. While you wield Chrysamere, your defenses against enemy magics will be bolstered even further than while slinging spells of your own, so let it be your go-to against hostile mages, especially if they use fire. Combined with your racial resistances, enchantments, the Atronach Stone, and the Blessing of Mara, you will be a true powerhouse of both Martial and Magical Might, and neither class of enemy warrior will be able to stand against you for long.
And those who do wear you down will only have the upper hand until you restore your health and stamina with Restoration spells - unless they are undead, in which case they probably never made it past your holy aura and sunlight spells.

Vigilants of Stendarr tend to be somewhat paranoid, focusing all of their time and energy on pursuing daedra and their mortal cohorts; as such, they tend to be dismissive of ordinary people's problems, so don't feel obligated to help everybody you come across, even in exchange for money.
The Skyrim Civil War is a secondary concern to you, if it enters your thoughts at all, but it might behoove you to fight on the side of those whose worship is being suppressed by the powers that be; after all, the laws of the gods are higher than those of men or elves.
Since you are a Vigilant, it's probably a good idea not to join the Companions, as your code would probably demand that you try to slay them for cavorting with Hircine's powers. Unless you don't mind being exiled from Whiterun, that is.
The Dark Brotherhood serve the ultimate incarnation of evil; even if it may be argued that Sithis isn't technically a daedra, his followers certainly worship him like one. Kill them all.
The Thieves' Guild serves only to worsen the state of order and peace in your homeland, but as long as they don't threaten lives outright or cavort with dark powers, it's hardly any business of yours. Just don't join them.
Meridia MAY prove to be an exception to the daedric quests in Skyrim, and Dawnbreaker makes for an excellent weapon to give your follower (speaking of which, Erandur makes for an excellent choice), but she is the exception that proves the rule. Any daedra worshippers you find must all be slain, and any daedra who seek to bargain with you must be defied or ignored at every turn. If you receive a quest from one that is possible to deliberately fail, do so; for instance, when Molag Bal sends you to find the Priest of Boethiah, kill him instead. Or, when you are tasked with bringing Markarth's Priest of Arkay to Namira's Feast, have him follow you to the dining hall in the crypt and open fire on the feasters gathered there.
Your position on the Blades and their usefulness is entirely up to you. It all depends on whether or not you think a penitent dragon deserves Stendarr's wrath, or his mercy.
You should obviously join the Dawnguard against the Volkihar Vampires, and try to choose the right dialogue options to get Serana to give up her vampirism. The Dawnguard Rune Hammer might even provide a nice alternative to Chrysamere when facing Vampires and hordes of powerful undead, but you'll need the Advanced Armors perk to get it up to Legendary without potions and enchanted gear.
The Main Quest should be a priority as well, but not as immediately as Miraak, who is literally a disciple of Hermaus Mora, one of the most dangerous daedric princes of all.
Finally, the College of Winterhold is the perfect place to hone your magical skills, but you should find all the offensive spells you need at Dawnguard Castle and in the cave where you finish the Arcane Accessories quest for the Creation Club spells.

Have fun!

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