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Venison Warlock 48 #500550

The 'venison warlock,' as he was known prior to his arrest in Skyrim, has one main goal in life; hunting and eating what he hunts. One would suppose he should have apprenticed to a ranger somewhere, but this unstable personality was rather reclusive.

Aside from food, he's well aware that their skins make a decent light armor. He's dabbled in herbalism, not so much for alchemy uses as side dishes and herbs for his latest game animal. When not hunting, he's studying his spellcraft, for this hunter is anything but traditional. He will track the animal, enchant it with a spell so that it will violate the natural urge, and attack rather than flee.

It is then brought down with spells; this is a bonus as he sees it, because it's already half cooked when it falls at his feet.

For role-playing, bring down nearly every food animal you encounter, and cook it. He will join the college, and pick a side at random in the war. He will have no interest in thieves guild or the dark brotherhood, and will resent the companions skill with mundane weapons, which he has never had much use for. He only carries a single sword, which he will grudgingly try to use, if in a real jam.

Stat spread should be 60/40/0. Destruction staves will be a necessity if you like gunning things down, but he's quite capable of playing the attrition game via stalking...

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