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Warden Of High Rock 48 #500574

The Warden of High Rock is a skilled survivalist and combatant. He crafts and enchants everything he uses, and survives on his wits. He knows enough about smithing, enchanting, and herbalism to craft what is useful to him in his role in life, defending the natural world from those whom would pollute nature. While not a true master of any weapon or craft, his versatility and careful planning have always seen him come out of scrapes alive.

While on a solo training exercise in the harsh landscape of Skyrim, the warden was arrested for poaching, of all things, and now must see what awaits. He will join the college to hone his single magical skill- enchanting. He will join up with the companions for the challenge and experience they'll provide. Not much will interest a self-sufficent man with the thieves guild. The Dark Brotherhood, he'll have to think about.

The fun of this character is in not using any gear you didn't make yourself. Keep your crafting skills always advancing, upgrading, enhancing, and enchanting your gear, and use all your diverse abilities in concert to defeat whatever Skyrim can throw at you. Return to High Rock and your forest cabin more experienced and confident; that is the goal.

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