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Athena 90 #500750

Akatosh, the Golden Dragon God of Time, following his formation, became father to the dragons. His firstborn, Alduin, would be known as the serpent that would devour the world at the end of time. He produced many other notable sky drakes such as Paarthurnax - the dragon that would turn on Alduin when he proclaimed himself to be a god - and Numinex - the dragon that Olaf One-Eye would capture in Dragonsreach. One such important dragon would never see past its creation. Aakmorokiim was the name of this dragon. With the title of "Glorious Guiding Wife," Aakmorokiim became one of the wisest creations of Akatosh and seemed a threat to his own position as more and more men and Dov sought the wisdom of the Guiding Wife. Akatosh, in order to secure his position, devoured Aakmorokiim's soul back into himself. Akatosh was relieved that he would no longer need to feel threatened by his own child's status - or so he thought. Months later, Akatosh felt a great disturbance within himself - a growing pain deep inside his being like nothing he had ever felt before. He ordered Alduin to pierce his scales to remove the pressure he felt growing inside himself. As the scales peeled back, a woman climbed out from the wound - a Dragonborn. She would come to be known as Vandinalokdov to Akatosh and the dragons: the Maiden who rose from the Dragons. She had been formed with the spirit of Aakmorokiim inside of Akatosh, so she bore the power of Akatosh as well as the wisdom and guidance of the Dov before her. Akatosh sealed her away within a mountain along the southern border of Skyrim, only to open it again when Alduin would return to devour the world. He knew she would be the only opponent formidable enough to save Nirn if it was able to be saved. The rest would be up to her...

Race: Imperial - This choice makes sense given their vast knowledge of combat and strategizing. The Voice of the Emperor ability shows her ability as a natural leader, able to calm anyone. It also fits the roleplay considering the blood of Akatosh being fused with the descendants of St Allesia and the prominence of Akatosh as a figure largely responsible for forging the Empire.

Nord - This decision would most likely be for geographical purposes as well as timeframe purposes, perhaps she sprung forth from the Dragon God during the first Dragon War as a symbol and champion of the early Nords. Although, the racial ability of the Nords is more that of a fearmonger rather than a wise leader of defensive wars, so this would have to be a more aggressive interpretation of the character.

Redguard - This race would demonstrate her innate ability with a weapon and her willpower to stay in the fight would be represented in a controlled Adrenaline Rush.

Gender: Female

Standing Stone: I would recommend the Warrior Stone for leveling early on or possibly the Lover Stone. For roleplay purposes, you could start with the Warrior Stone, as she would need to rekindle her strength after being tucked away by Akatosh for so long. Once she had, she could then focus on training her ability to command and manipulate others by progressing in Illusion magic. Illusion levels pretty quickly already, especially with the spells used by this build, so a Standing Stone to level it wouldn't be entirely necessary. In the late game, I would recommend the Lady Stone. She is the woman born of Akatosh's spirit, so perhaps you could justify it as her being the Lady that the stone speaks of. The regenerative properties work well with her divine nature and power.

Stat Spread: At first, you should do 0 Magicka / 1 Health / 1 Stamina, until reaching your preferred level of Stamina for shield bashing, power attacks, and sprinting. After that, change the distribution to 1 Magicka / 1 Health / 0 or 1 Stamina, depending on if you decide you need more Stamina. You do not need an overly large amount of Magicka, but you will need enough to cast Calming and Buffing Illusion magic a few times in combat.

Factions: The Imperial Legion, The Blades, The College of Winterhold, The Dawnguard, and The Companions (optional)

Join the Legion as soon as possible, as this is where she will prove her ability to lead and her prowess for the military. She must prove this before going onto learning the destiny bestowed upon her by Akatosh. The order of the Blades is the civilized group of defenders of the mortal realm. They also serve the Dragonborn emperors as protectors. This works well with the defensive war making of the mythical figure on which this build is based. She would be leading this group of defenders against her ultimate rival, a Destroyer hellbent on death and destruction, the opposite of protection. The College of Winterhold would allow her to continue growing her wisdom, as this is her main gift. The Dawnguard would give her another opportunity to apply her wisdom and tactics against another bloodthirsty enemy. The Companions would serve as another trial of her battle knowledge and defense of the country, but she should not become a werewolf or should be cured of her lycanthropy as soon as possible.

Armor: Auriel's Shield, Penitus Oculatus Armor (find a way to get it; Fury Commander Maro during Destroy the Dark Brotherhood to make him kill the other Agent, as he is a wrongful bearer of your image), and a Circlet bearing a blue gemstone, as it represents the fairness of a wise commander. The Circlet should be enchanted with Fortify Illusion and Fortify Speech. If you would rather wear heavy armor, use the heavy imperial set with the closed variation of the helmet. Spellbreaker is another good option for a shield.

Weapons: This character will wield different weapons for different foes, as another way of showing her smarts on the battlefield. She will obtain Dragonbane, Dawnbreaker, Bolar's Oathblade, and either a Dragonbone Sword or a Nordic Sword as a basic go-to weapon. The choice is yours. When wielding a Two-Handed weapon, she will use your battleaxe or greatsword of choice instead of her traditional spear; foes require more force to take down nowadays. She will also wield Auriel's Bow. For roleplay's sake, the Ebony Blade can be used to sacrifice those that threaten your destiny, similar to Athena's curse upon Medusa.

Shouts: Battle Fury, Bend Will, Call Dragon, Call of Valor, Disarm, Dragonrend, Elemental Fury, Kyne's Peace, Marked for Death, Slow Time, Throw Voice, Whirlwind Sprint

Spells: Clairvoyance, Courage, Calm, Fury (optional), Muffle, Rally, Pacify, Rout, Call to Arms, Harmony

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