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Spellshadow Evoker 48 #501821

The spellshadow spent the earliest years of life as a basically pacifist pickpocket, since he's an introverted sort that prefers a meditation session over a blade practice session. As a result, he never learned the other half of the stealth talents practiced by some of his peers, the careful and precise thrust of a dagger to achieve grievous wounds.

One day, he scooped up a book from someone's bag as he was looking for valuables; something nice to read over lunch is always welcome, after all. It was a spell tome, which taught him a spell to enrage a person into fighting anyone nearby, even those he was friendly with a moment ago.

This was useful, and definitely fit his style of keeping his hands clean. Over the years he stole as many spellbooks as he could lay hands on, expanding his skills. Stealing one too many, being caught, he now finds himself mixed up in a civil war, facing a beheading alongside other unfortunates...

Stat spread is 70/30/0. Get to quiet-casting asap; this is the foundational illusion perk for the whole concept. Best gear, since you don't craft, is the Robes of the Arch-Mage; Master's Robes of Destruction when you can upgrade. Magicka regen is your most important stat; wear anything you can to stack it. Illusion is the only skill tree maxed for effectiveness. You don't need to worry about doing a lot of damage with each destruction spell since you will not allow yourself to be discovered and under focused attack...

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