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Spellshadow Evoker 48 #501821

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Why Master Spell schools? Master level spells have a really long casting time. Why Restoration at all? It seems he's a Destruction/Illusion sneak mage. Why Extra Pockets? You can enchant something with fortify carry weight. Sometimes Baalgruuf gave me Hide boots of Hauling which I got the enchantment from or there is a random encounter where you can get it in exchange for Honningbrew Mead. I think starting gear for him should be the Thalmor robes. You can get them off the dead Justicar at the Talos shrine near Helgen. Magicka regen and lower Destruction spell cost. Keep them for Diplomatic Immunity if you are an elf.

By Rothos on Oct 16, 2020
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The long cast time is moot if you can safely cast from stealth. They're fun to use, honestly. Restoration so you don't have to carry a ton of food and potions, or craft many, and I tend to find the wards useful. I already have to dump 3 points in there for recovery, so why not two more for best wards and heals?

Yes, you could min-max my setup if you plan on enchanting and key gear, but I personally detest crafting, as it's a grind. Unless I make a character that is based on crafting, I tend to avoid it. Most of my characters share some aspects of my 'minimalist' build, which uses nothing at all in the way of gear. It's just how I like to play. I admit it's not optimal from a perspective of maximum achievable effectiveness and power.

By Tormin on Oct 16, 2020
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