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The Undertaker 54 #502035

The Undertaker is a humble grave digger. Ostensibly. Few supposed that he was actually a master of life-forces, understanding the biology of living things, and how to cure or kill them, as well as the magical side of undeath, and a master of undoing necromantic trickery.

How many would believe that this lowly servant of public interests had actually personally eliminated many of those whose graves he was then paid to put them in?

Stats 60/40/0. Your weapon of choice is Dawnbreaker. Any weapon of choice is acceptable for applying poisons to living targets if you don't feel like waiting for them to drink the potions you can put in their pockets. Don't forget the poison rune spell, which you will use, a lot. You will win by outlasting your opponents, plain and simple, because restoration and alchemy make you just as good at healing yourself as harming them. Mastery of life forces goes both ways...

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