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The Tourist 48 #502059

The Tourist is pretty non-confrontational, and intends to never personally inflict harm, himself and absorb that bad karma. He gets through life on pure panache, for the most part, knowing what to say and how to act, in whatever crowd. Should that fail, his magic may convince you, and if not, he can summon an endless stream of servants to give you the violence you crave, while he watches in regret at your foolishness. Getting caught picking the wrong pocket, bound and placed in a wagon with other prisoners, a new chapter of life starts...

This build is designed to maximize the non-combat aspects of the game. Look in everything, talk to everyone. Walk instead of fast-travel. Vampirism/Lycanthropy may be good options if you want to speed up combat encounters with dragons/bosses, without using real perks.

This guy should never have any need to have a weapon, ever. He's a tourist. Walk the land. (I know Master Illusion is not usually taken. It's taken here for one reason. Harmony resets a failed pickpocket attempt)

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