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Shadow Ranger 45 #502099

Keep distance while crouched and fire at your enemies from the shadows, assassinating or dealing extremely heavy damage in a single blow with time for repeat shots. Abuse shadow warrior to reset your stealth and reposition for another assassination from afar.

Picked a fight with more enemies than your could assassinate at once? Pull out your trusted dual swords and rip apart the remaining victims with your dual flurries. Your ranged blows are a mercy kill compared to the duelist potential offered by maxing your light armor and high level one handed skills.

Since this build is fairly low level to become sufficient you have the potential to delve into enchantment and alchemy to buff the killing potential of your bow and blades. Maybe you'd also like to dip into restoration or alteration to improve your duelist survivablilty. The shadow ranger has the ability to be molded into your own.

I personally like to run the nightingale armour and bow with the nightengale and dawnbreaker blades.

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