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High Druid 68 #503019

As a High Druid, you hail from the Summerset Isles. High Elf by birth, you're a successful experiment. As a baby your heart was unnaturally weak: your mother barely managed to successfully birth you. When your heart stopped beating, everyone gave up hope. As you were sent to be buried beneath the lands of the Isles, a strange man approached your family offering 600 septims for the lifeless baby. Struggling enough as is your family accepted, though with great sadness.

The man was an exact descendant of the Reachmen in the far West of Skyrim. Leaving his family and the way of the Forsworn, he started studying and traversing the world. Nobody knew who he was, or what exactly he did... he paid well, and never caused trouble so he was welcome. After just a few hours of experimenting: there was life, a single heart beat. He then placed the heart at the alchemy table and destroyed it. Still, a single heart beat. Not from the heart that was now destroyed, from the child. Your chest glowed a bright green light where your heart once was. "I've done it!" yelled the man. Using knowledge passed down from generation to generation, explained and demonstrated by Hagravens, he finally achieved the same feat the Forsworn use. Removing ones heart in replace for a Briarheart seed, however he used a taproot from the Spriggans he had studied for years and years.
(Insert more backstory here)

Everyday you are thankful for the life you have, the appreciation you have for it, and the overwhelming love for the land. Without it, you would be your old fragile self, with a defective heart. You have unnatural knowledge and magical wisdom that nobody else in the Isles has, perhaps even beyond. You are one with nature, one with the land.
The man is somewhat of a father figure to you, you wish you knew your parents but accept that is behind you. Lazerne is his name, a Breton, former Forsworn turned wanderer and botanist. His magical appitutde was unmatched by most he taught you how to use your knowledge, wisdom and spells the best he could. Your magic abilities are not known among men, you are natural, but also unnatural. It's only when you practiced by yourself on a dry summers day, you began to realize the power of your life. You flicked fireballs from hand to hand, as a normal 12 year old tosses a pebble between their hands. The fireball grew and grew. Lazerne went to make a deal with a seller of spriggan sap, you are alone. You couldn't control it and your hands couldn't contain it any longer. Fire sprayed uncontrollably from your finger tips, easily lighting everything onfire. The bone dry foliage was no match for the fire on the dry day. It was only until you plunged your fingers into a nearby pond that you realized the devastation of a minute of uncontrollable spray. Your "sanctuary" lay ruined. The little flowers you would pick, the frogs you would hold, and the grass you would walk on: gone. You cried: your tears like the rain, your cries like the wind. Never again would you use fire magic again.
(Already too long so blah blah then you find your way to Skyrim to explore Lazerne's past and heritage with the Forsworn.. you become Dragonborn etc....)

* Ice Magic and shouts ONLY (lightining if you want, though that has a chance to catch things on fire.)
* Alchemy is a must, also Restoration.
* If this gets enough traction I'll add mods when I start my playthrough. Looking at a mod for antlers (for the role play?) Also a wolf/animal follower mod.
* Rayeks End house mod is what I will use.
* Nature spell mod.
° You are your own self, nature is your priority. You are neutral, take that into account when deciding factions and paths in Skyrim.

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