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Kaleb, The Arbiter 60 #503849

Kaleb is the quintessential, expected apprentice mage with no interest in anything but his craft. A brief misunderstanding of mistaken identity led to his arrest, but after a fortunate escape, he made it to his destination, the College of Winterhold, where he will study and aspire to the position of Arch-Mage one day.

You'll want sneak maxed, even tho we're not putting any perks in it; this makes muffle and invisibility much more effective. Under a dual cast muffle spell, you can sneak around and cast with the quiet casting perk almost as well as a stealth archer. Maxing illusion, then destruction, then alteration. Put points in conjuration, restoration, and enchantment as able, but don't sacrifice offense or defense for them. You're basically a hybrid build, fully capable of stealth when necessary, or just walking in and mowing down hordes of weaker enemies. You'll want to get transmute asap, and buy every iron ore any merchant sells. Make gold rings or necklaces from these so you can enchant and sell them to fund your activities. Train archery, light armor, whatever, by paying for the training. You'll need the levels and extra perk points from this to dump into your magic tree. Carry a selection of staves and he is basically unstoppable. Stat spread should be 70/30/0.

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