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Nobuyuki, The Stewmaker 60 #503887

The child of a Dark Brotherhood assassin, Nobuyuki learned the trade from youth. He has expanded on what his late father taught him, adding his own personal flair and magical aptitude to the tried and true poisons of his father's era.

On a contract gone wrong in Skyrim, he was captured and set for execution - only a fortunate and random turn of events permitted his hasty escape. No gear, no coin, but plenty of skill and willpower, Nobuyuki will remain in this harsh and hostile clime, rebuilding, becoming more cautious, stronger, and doing what he most likes - using poisons, enchanted daggers and bows to leave his enemies resembling nothing so much as some sort of stew errantly dumped from some madman's cauldron.
Optimal stat spread 60/40/0

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