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Dual Blade Rogue 44 #503891

Take up your weapons. Gather your poisons and health potions. Where did you put those scrolls of blizzard? Do you have your bedroll and flint n' steel? Collect some food, water, kiss your parents and be off.

Off to explore all of Tamriel. You've heard stories of brave Companions, righteous Vigilants, skeevers and drauger. Stories of massive fire breathing dragons, Dragon Priests of legend. Cat people, Orcs and wisp mothers that can kill with a look.

You leave your home high in the Cyrodillic mountains where you helped your father and brothers mine for silver. You of course became bored with this and started to practice with your daggers under your mother's watchful tutelage. You learned to read basic books and could write a little bit.

Off you went on your way to the province of Skyrim. You were just about to cross the border into Skyrim, when you suddenly saw stars and then blackness. You wake up in rags your armor, weapons, food and gear gone. You're in the back of a wagon with three men. One is filthy and dressed in rags. One in blue armor. A huge, handsome blond man in kingly attire.

You're about to lose your head when out of the clouds comes a huge black dragon. Breathing fire and roaring, bellowing and chewing on everything.....

Who do you go with Ralof or Hadvar? Stormcloaks or the Empire? Are you a vampire? Werewolf? Dawnguard? You decide. Where will your rogue go?

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