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Warrior Of The Frost 46 #504151

Through the Dragonborn DLC, then the quest A New Source of Stahlrim, you will learn to forge stahlrim weapons and armour. Enchant your warhammer with frost damage, and absorb stamina, for nearly unlimited power attacks, while keeping your enemies slowed and low on stamina. Enchant your armour with fortify destruction, and fortify heavy armour, making you nearly unkillable. Your battle strategy will be to cast frost cloak, then charge into battle and smash skulls. This build is very fun to play, and can be role-played as a hardcore cryomancer, or even a mystical recluse, about whom there have been legends forged. Living in the northern mountains of Skyrim, legend holds that there is an ice-wraith, who has taken control of the body of a strong nord warrior. Something like that could be role played!

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