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Warrior Of The Frost 46 #504151

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How do you intend to heal? Restoration or alchemy are kinda required. You have zero capacity for crowd control. You need cc or healing, even with heavy armor. Frost is the worst element to specialize in, since so many enemies are resistant. Your ranged attack is limited to destruction. If your magicka pool is large enough to be effective, your health pool is small enough to be a concern. The first ancient fire dragon you encounter will kill you. You can't use wards to abate the damage. You can't heal with restoration, or reduce damage with potions. It's too focused.

By Tormin on Jan 19, 2021
#7842 Reply
Good points. Having restoration could add potential to this build with wards and heals. In theory you could also use alchemy and add make resist potions, along with paralysis poisons for resistance and crowd control

By HickoryKay on Jan 19, 2021
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This is my first build on this sight, and I kind of rushed through making it because I am in class lol. In the future, my builds will feature a solid backstory, and be more organized!

By HickoryKay on Jan 19, 2021
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