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The Cleric 89 #504577

the cleric trained a a high priestess since she was a young lass. she volunteered as a priestess at the age of twelve when she founded her magical potentials. hse mainly utilizes restoration,destruction,and conjuration. she also joined up with the companions after the training a a high priestess was over. and she also enrolled with the college of winterhold.

she will use spells like fireball, firebolt, greater heal, bound bow. she will wear the ebony mage armor and use the bound bow spell when she wants to use ranged combat and close up combat she will utilize the bound sword spell. and she will want the destruction lines one four and five. along with the full restoration and enchanting tree. she will enchant her ebony mage armor with fortify restoration and magic to enhance her magical abilities like a freaking MP reserve you'll want to have access to console commands to make the gameplay experience easier and if your a speed runner like me it will make the "speedrun" faster and if your not into spells you can rule out the conjuration spells like bound bow and bound sword you can just substitute the spells for the real deal but i recommend the chain lightning staff for the secondary weapon.

if you do choose to use the real deal instead of the spells i recommend the chaos enchantment and fire damage enchantments because if you have the full enchantment tree your enchantments will get a badass boost to shit tons of fire damage. i recommend the augmented fire and incinerate skills and make sure you have both of the augmented frie perks. for maximum fire power if your going for a badass pyrokinetic well badass for all the fire power and i recommend the enchantment power glitch and the immersive weapon mod well i have no recommendations because i've never used that mod.

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