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Raúl The Worthy 27 #504626

Raúl Deváre was born to a middle-class Cyrodillian (racial) Imperial family. His father Román was a modest, hardworking blacksmith that lived and worked his whole life in Imperial City. His mother Laila was the daughter of a devout priest of Mara on her dad's side, and her mother was a moderately well known alchemist. Román still owns his blacksmithing shop that has been in the Deváre family for generations. Laila works the counter and teaches private alchemy lessons on the weekends. Raúl also has 3 older brothers each around 1 year apart. Raúl is 4 years younger than the next brother and thus wasn't needed much around the shop. This led him to be closer to his mother while his brothers and father were hunting and smithing. She taught him all about the goddess Mara and the history of the great Empire they had lived in for centuries. He also developed his mothers passion for alchemy and studied it in his free time. Raúl wasn't as close to his father but still enjoyed blacksmithing and learned that trade as well. His youngest, older brother, Sergio taught him to fight and explained to him the importance of the defensive side of combat, shields, as well as the art of the blade. Luckily for him, the age gap between him and his 3 siblings allowed for him to be given the permission to venture elsewhere, unlike his brothers who were forced to stay and maintain the shop until his father and mother retire and his eldest brother, Runlil would inherit the business. On his 18th birthday he left for Skyrim, a province undergoing a civil war against the imperial legion. He left with hopes of making a name for himself outside of Cyrodiil and he was excited to pave his own path starting with helping the legion quell the insurgency in Skyrim. Unfortunately, the info his middle brother, Jorge, gave him on where to go to get to Skyrim, was flawed and he walked unknowingly into a massive imperial ambush on a rebel leader and leader of Eastmarch, Ulfric Stormcloak. The imperials mistook him for a rebel and knocked him out confisctated his items and shipped him to the village of Helgen, Whiterun to be executed as a traitor. He was about to be executed when the unthinkable happened: Alduin saved him and began attacking Helgen. He managed to escape Helgen with the help of an imperial legionnaire named Hadvar, who guided him to the nearby settlement of Riverwood to meet his uncle Alvor, who is the local blacksmith. Both hadvar and Alvor are close friends with Raúl to this day. Alvor sent him to the Whiterun Hold's capitol: Whiterun (City) to warn Jarl Balgruuf the Greater of the recent dragon attack, the first in centuries. After a multitude of adventure he befriended the Jarl and slayed a dragon, but not Alduin, and absorbed the dragon's power. Revealing the impossible truth: Raúl Deváre is dragonborn.

Accomplishments: Dragonborn, Imperial Citizen, Native of Cyrodiil, Widower to Uthgerd the Unbroken, Worshiper of Mara, Imperial Legate, Thane of Whiterun, Blades Member, Companions Member, Hero, Landowner, Killer of Madanach, Only man to escape Cihdna Mine, student of the Greybeards, Slayer of Alduin, Werewolf, Harbinger of the Companions and possessor of Wuuthrad, Father to Lucia (adopted), College of Winterhold Apprentice, Possessor of an Elder Scroll (Dragon), Slayer of Ulfric Stormcloak, married to Aela the Huntress, hero of the skaal people, possesor of Otar the Mad's Dragon Mask

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