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Khajiit Monk 36 #504635

The Khajiit Monk is a master of hand-to-hand combat and despite being a monk they are not opposed to violence. The Khajiit Monk is skilled in Enchanting, Alteration, Restoration, and Alchemy. The Major Skills of this build are Enchanting and Alteration. The Minor skills of this build are Restoration and Alchemy.
The Khajiit Monk's gear is A Ring enchanted with fortify unarmed damage and fortify alteration, Any pair of gloves enchanted with fortify unarmed damage and fortify magicka, Hooded Monk Robes enchanted with fortify restoration and alteration, Monk Boots enchanted with resist magic and fortify stamina regen, and a Necklace enchanted with fortify restoration and fortify stamina regen.
The point investments for this build are 0 points into Magicka, 10 points into Stamina, and the rest into Health.
Race: Khajiit
Standing Stone: Atronach Stone
Skills: Enchanting, Alchemy, Alteration, and Restoration.
Must have Spells: Close Wounds, Paralyze, and Ebonyflesh.
Must have Perks: Extra Effect, Mage Armor 3/3, and Magic Resistance 3/3.
Early Game: Mage Stone
Mid Game: Mage Stone
End Game: Atronach Stone
Must have DLC's: None
The Khajiit Monk's play style is to fight foes with your fists, while boosting your magical and physical defenses with alteration magic, and healing yourself and followers. If you're ever finding yourself surrounded cast the paralyze spell on foes to help thin the herd temporarily.

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