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Gekkos Warrior 71 #504646

I will be explaining, why I chose the perks that I did, down below...

I picked all the perks, only cause I wanted a build that was over level 70 ... I will say, having Bull's-Eye, Ranger & Hunter's Dicipline is optional, but the rest is a MUST.

It's an absolute no-brainer to have ATLEAST, 7 points invested into this skill tree. The core perks of blocking is, YOU GUESSED IT... Shield Wall 5/5, Power Bash & Deadly Bash...
Deflect Arrows & Elemental Protection is not a must for the build, but are really nice to have.

This is also a no-brainer. Cant use a shield with a Two-Handed weapon... All the perks in this skill tree, is a must. Picking anything beyond that, is optional. (Use the correct specialization, for the kind of weapon you're using...)

This skill tree is not reeeeeally a must, except for Steel Smithing & Arcane Blacksmith. (For improving the bow & shield) ... You will be able to make Dragonscale Armor and improve it quite alot if you choose it all tho.

If you're NOT using the Chaos Damage enchantment, I wouldn't recommend picking the Fire, Frost & Storm Enchanter perks either. I will be using Chaos Damage for my Dragonbone Sword though.

All the perks here is a MUST. Since it only adds to your Tankiness. (The tougher the better)

Light Armor:
all perks here is a must, except for the Wind-Walker & Deft-Movement perk. They're just really nice to have.

You should also consider doing the "Book of Love" Quest you get from the Temple of Mara in Riften, since it will give you a +15% to magic resistance. Pretty nifty.

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