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Eros Marakin 45 #504855

Born a Nord to a beautiful Nord woman, Alita Marakin, and a powerful Imperial general, Enya Marakin. Eros' mother was a priestess of Mara, devotedly believing in love and unity, while in contrast, his father led armies of men into wars, participating in the deaths of hundreds of men and mer. though different their love for each other persevered. Often Alita would join the militant endeavors as a healer, she practiced Restoration magic and was skilled in alchemy. But once Eros was born, Alita stayed to care for her child while Enya would leave for battle. Alita taught Eros kindness and love through the teachings of Mara as well as teaching him alchemical skills. From a very young age, Eros had always been a beautiful child growing more beautiful each day. Not only was he physically beautiful but his heart was kind and full treating all around him with kindness. Eros believed love was the answer, to choose peace, but he did understand in the world he lived in blood will and must be shed for desires of man and mer are too powerful for love. Eros had dreams to fight in his father's army, so he practiced archery in his free time. Eros seemed to be naturally skilled at archery and even was creative and innovative with it adding poisons to his arrows when hunting. By the time he was 19, his father agreed to let him join in an upcoming battle, a small battle with little threat, fighting against a small rebellion for the Empire. The group set up camp in a decrepit fortress near the settlement of Ivarstead, awaiting the small group of rebels to pass through the area to get into Cyrodil. At night the restless Eros needed something to keep him busy so he chose to leave the camp to hunt in the forest. Eros was gone for no more than an hour but returned to a traumatic and gruesome scene. The tents set ablaze, with many of the men in the troop left dead or gravely injured, Eros frantically searched for his family, his mother and father nowhere to be seen. He tended to the survivors and would question them for what had happened and where his family where. He learned that while he was gone they were ambushed by a much larger group than expected, a collection of nearly 100 men versus their small group of 20. Only 3 people were left alive at the camp, with 7 other bodies, but the other 10 had been kidnapped by these rebels including his parents. This devastated him knowing his family is either dead somewhere on the way to Cyrodil or being tortured by these rebels. All he could do was care for the wounded and retreat to Riften looking for refuge from this horrible tragedy he has suffered. He found himself in the Temple of Mara where he chose to follow his mother's path as a priest of Mara. In his time as a priest, he learned of a school of magic in which he could bring peace to all those against him with evil intent, Illusion magic. He quickly began to study illusion hoping to use it to control the emotions of others to prevent such acts of bloodshed to occur again, he wanted to protect everyone. Once he felt as though he had begun strong enough he made plans to travel to Cyrodil to discover what had happened to his parents, and what had happened to those rebels which he hopes to redeem. As he was crossing the border he found himself in the middle of a fight between the two warring factions in Skyrim, Stormcloaks, and Imperials. The Imperials captured Eros, the Stormcloak rebels, a horse thief, and Ulfric Stormcloak himself. Dragged away to Helgen to be executed Eros prays to Mara for protection of his soul and to see his family once more. And so begins his journey as Dragonborn.

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