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Well, as of now i'm kinda just going through anything I can with Skyrim. I like playing it, and I honestly can't wait for the next Elder Scrolls game to come up. However, with my current build of a Wood Elf named Sarie, I kinda completed the game. I even make things like a Sarie #2 and a Sarie #3 over and over again. Do stuff different.

Sneak & Light Armor

A Bosmer with great bow techniques and abilities, which can take on any type of stealthy playstyle. So long as you mainly keep the bow, all shall be good.

By ZaneAugust on Sep 9, 2018
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What kind of armor would Talos use if we don't use a Talos Armor or Cape mod?

I really don't know. Possibly his, because he's more skilled at playing.
It really matters upon the person playing.

Actually, yes he did. This one is different though. This one has mastered all spells, with each and every single spell in his possession. Also he does staff enchanting, so... That's a difference.

Agreed XD Hah.

I fixed the crossbow part. Also... just go ahead and just pretend Serena and the character had come to an agreement.