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Archery & One Handed

The witch hunters are a splinter group of the Vigilants of Stendarr. They seek out mages, witches and hagravens who use their powers to do wrong and have close ties with the College of Winterhold & the courtwizards of the jarls.

By darthmaster on Jan 15, 2017
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oh look at that, your inability to write and even understand your own words pops up again... good job showing why you truly fit the description of stupid, again.

and something is not overconfidence when it's true

I followed nobody's instructions but my own, deluded one.
and really look at what I've said and it all came true, you bitch and whine almost a week on how racist something is when it really isn't... it's about as racist as a pedophilic catholic priest joke, you really are a triggered tumblrite now. and calling you stupid as description, same goes for moron, cause, same goes for idiot also is true as you barely can get the context of a simple small text right. So yeah, you've really proven that my statements were true, dumbass

Nope, me saying shit like that doesn't make me overconfident, me calling myself smart is a highly understating my capabilities and btw I did not need to google it... but believe what you want to believe deluded one, but first of all learn something in reading that's called context, you clearly are incapable of that

oh look; the idiot can not read typical, and can't write as well, also typical. Weak minded as always.
questions are not demands, you oaf.
oh and before you begin with the Dunning-Kruger thing, realize it's also used for people who underestimate themselves (which would be closer to me than the more common one),like in your case it's the more common overestimating themselves and still no clue on how the world works, typical.