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Welcome to my page, I hope that you enjoy my builds and use them for ideas for your own builds.

Speech & Illusion

A girl adopted and trained to sing by a redgaurd only to become the strongest voice in Skyrim. Now after escaping her death she will take up her roll as the Dragonborne, after fulfilling her step-mother's last wish to become bard from the college.

By dragonkhajiit on Mar 10, 2017
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Why does the block tree have perk that works for shields when no shield is included in the description? It seems that quick reflexes would work better.

I like that you made link to the person you inspired the build from. On the second link you for to put [/url] at the end so the link is connected to the character's back story. I'm looking forward to seeing the full build. emoticon

Thanks a lot.

Thank you for the suggestion.

Oh, that's a good idea. I'll do that.