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Illusion & Enchanting

Having gotten a second Chance to life, This former knight tries to regain his honour by doing good deads. He is a Master of Illusion and Alteration and Enchanting who understand how the conjuration portal works, the truth of fire and minor healing ability

By SoulKing on Mar 4, 2017
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Update the backstory a bit

Thanks for the feedback. I wrote the whole thing in like 10 minutes at work so I did not have time to edit and fix my mistakes. Will do it as soon as I have some peace of mind.
-She uses the lightning spells when she deems it necessary: Killing draugr that are pining her down with a bow, using it as initial assault to close the distance on a thalmor mage, shooting dragons on flight, and cloaking herself when she is outnumberd. The point of her magic use is doing what her sword cannot. If she can take an opponent just with her blade she will not use magic.
-The battle cry was meant more to be a form of her voice, not the nord power. Kida like she screamed so loudly and used an echo of a Thu'um. I will change it to a war cry or something of the kind.

Thanks for the heads up. I updated it

With the role play I try to give characters a motivation to be the Dragonborn, no matter how bizarre it is. BTW first comment Thanks a lot Mate