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Enchanting & Speech

A genius enchanter who will win fate by his own way! Recovering from a trauma, now he/she search for clues about the Dragons while help Skyrim on his most needed times. Can you play this hero? Can you overcome every challenge with your unique gift?

By Crisel on Feb 8, 2017
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Destruction & Alteration

This is a Guide created to help Mages all over Skyrim. Doesn't matter if you hold a position in The College, a Witch from the Woods or a Court Wizard for a Jarl.

By Crisel on Dec 30, 2016
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Speech & Restoration

Experienced healer, support in Skyrim, endgame healer, pacific player, bunny savior, making good use of allies, speech over professions, making friends, the happy end, peace over norses, those scratch's don't count, go away necros, protagonist support

By Crisel on Oct 10, 2014
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I'm glad you like it! emoticon If you bump into problems during the gameplay, you can ask for tips.


I see, it's true! Mages need to choose Magic School as warriors need to choose their weapons/armor (two handed, one handed and shield, two weapons, bow... and also, sowrd, dagger, axe, hammer, greatsword, battleaxe, warhammer and so on - all are warriors but each one choose a path and even if you can master all those, you cannot play them all at the same time - to hold a two handed axe you need to drop the shield and the mace, to wield a bow, you need to drop the warhammer etc)

Very helpfull! emoticon

No! Don't put the randomize stuff away! It's the most fun part lol! You can cover the cost reduction by adding all schools perks till Master perk and focusing MP enchanting for general purpose use. Or you can select two schools (Destruction and Conjuration as you said) and apply the random part on those schools available spells. Anyway, don't let the enchanting thing, MP, MR, MF put your spirit down! It's perfectly viable playing a Mage without the Enchanting perks, all you need to do is give more coverage via other ways (potions, food, the best enchanted gear for purchase, and even the perks that half the spell cost). I see each school of Magicka as unique paths full of potentials in each. It took me hours, even days to decide which school I desired more to play. Even if I ended a Destro/Altera bastard who like to zap stuff and burn my eyes with shining screen, I watch other Mages playing with other schools as I found them all really amusing!

Even higher than I though! Thanks!