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Heavy Armor & One Handed

This build is based on maximising elemental damage and magic resistance with the final product capable of dealing insane damage in a short time while having enough defence to tank most enemies.

By PROjectZ3RO on Mar 4, 2018
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Enchanting & Destruction

Born of the ash of Red Mountain with a burning hunger for souls both dragon and mortal. He is the champion of the 16 princes of Oblivion and death follows him around as though enchanted to his very being

By PROjectZ3RO on Dec 21, 2017
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Enchanting & Heavy Armor

This build has the best versatility of of most builds I've seen. It is a sneak/archer, spellblade, dual wield and mage all rolled into one.This build is intended for legendary but has not been tested yet. All feedback welcome

By PROjectZ3RO on Jun 26, 2017
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Same thing for one handed crit ?

Whenever I've used Grand Healing my enemies weren't healed even if they were closer than my followers. But thanks for the help